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Becoming a Princess
This cute girl is working on becoming a real princess. She is talking princess classes, how cool is that? Today she must choose a princess outfit from her wardrobe. Help her get dressed and look fabulous! Have fun playing!
Smiley Djevojka prerušiti se
Iskopati Vaše cool ideje i dress up elegantan djevojka.

1.the naziv igre - Smiley Djevojka prerušiti se

2.The svrha igre - Cilj igre je dizajn najljepše odijelo za
Smiley Djevojka. Pokušajte dizajn najbolje odijelo za nju.

3.How igrati - Za igrati igru pomoću miša kliknite na raznim dressing opcije na raspolaganju
za nju na lijevoj strani. Dakle, samo početi raditi povucite i ispustite rada za odabir outfite za Smiley Girl.

4.Keys -
Miš - za interakciju s preljev opcije

5.Tip i trikovi -
a.Outfit bi trebao biti odgovarajući.
Credit šminka
Jeste li spremni za party maska, ova prekrasna djevojka čeka da joj makeover i pokupiti masku za nju, ona će biti kraljica u masku stranke.
Flower Delivery Girl
Tammy is new in town and has a new job as a flower delivery girl. She uses her favorite red bike to do this and she really likes to ride it all day long and get to know her new town. Find the most comfortable and fashionable outfits so she could get a nice trip and a rich tip. You can also change her look with a new hairstyle and add some cool accessories that fit her clothes. Don't forget to also pick up a nice bunch of flowers for her to deliver. Tammy is ready, set, go to deliver flowers!
Groovy Green Easy Recipe
Here is a very easy recipe to make Groovy Green. It is a tasty and healthy juice. You can get to know the cooking method by following easy steps. This juice is a mixture of banana, apple, spinach leaves, yogurt and grapes, so it can give you refreshment and instant energy. Try this recipe at home with your parental supervision and make them happy.
Piercing for Elsa Frozen
Elsa always wants to do everything her way and now she found a new way to show it. She wants to pierce her ears, nose and belly. She believes that your salon is the safest place to do it, so don't let her down.

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