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Bois D Arc igra

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Protect your tower from the hordes of evil forces. Choose one from three heroes that suite you the most and clash! Games Instructions: Use mouse to aim and shoot.

Pick your hero and defend the castle against unimaginable dark forces trying to breach the wall in this summer's hottest bow shooting game Bois DArc. distribute the upgrade points cleverly to maximize your effectiveness with the bow and drive back the pure evil.

Use your magic bow to defend the castle from evil creatures!

Shoot the enemies with a magical bow in order to protect you castle.

The hordes of evil are coming to your realm. choose one of the three archers and defend your castle. stop anyone from approaching!

Bois darc is a awesome shooting game with fabulous levels to go further. you have to shoot all your enemies; they all are almost close to you. take your magical bow and shoot arrows at them. at the beginning, aiming may seem a little bit difficult but after a while you will learn it. throw all you got on those bad creatures coming towards you. as you go you will be able to unlock perks and items and gain achievements for good shots. good luck!

Take the special bow made from a magical tree in the land of sedonia and defend the surroundings of your castle. choose your hero in this exciting action game, each of them has special abilities. some are faster, other can do more damage. take your position and shoot, waves of enemies are coming to destroy you!

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